NHW Conference a Great Success

On Saturday 7th  October the 2017 NHWQ State Conference was held at Beenleigh. We had a number of NHW representatives attend and have the opportunity to network with groups from around the state.

We were very proud to have Mr Peter McCosker for  Stafford 12 NHW group win the North Brisbane Member of the Year and Senior Constable Diana Kratochvil named the NHWQ Police Liaison Officer for North Brisbane. A huge effort as this was the third year in a row that Diana Has won this award!

There were a number of guest speakers who discussed topics such as:

  • How to as using social media
  • Access Community Services
  • How to spot a drug lab
  • Reporting suspicious behaviour in neighbourhoods via electronic means
  • How to manage and promote Facebook for your group
  • R U In Control? program

Overall it was a great day, and we look forward to seeing you there again next year.



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